LinkedIn spam is becoming an epidemic. 

Every day, marketers and salespeople are blasting millions of sales pitches at us.

Here's how you can slow down the amount of spam you receive and how to customize your newsfeed.

Wouldn't you love to turn off the noise on LinkedIn?

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Don’t you hate it when you discover something that grows your business…

…then marketers kill it.

LinkedIn is a great example.

The good news is since the pandemic hit about a year ago, LinkedIn usage skyrocketed. 

People are logging in more often and engagement is off the chart.

Your “ideal” clients are logging in more than once a month.

And they are engaging with your content more than ever.

Many are very chatty on LinkedIn messaging. 

The bad news…

Marketers and salespeople are more aggressive than ever.

They’re treating LinkedIn messaging like robocalls.

Search for your ideal job title and turn on the firehouse.

If you blasted sales pitches like this through your email marketing platform, you’d be flagged as a spammer and shut down.

LinkedIn is starting to explore this option because complaints are piling up.

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