How much should you charge for your online course? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

For years, the going rate for an online course was $1997. 

You'd receive six one-hour pre-recorded lessons released weekly. 

Once a week there was a live Q&A call. 

Most "gurus" made you submit your questions in advance. 

There was no live interaction with the "guru". 

When you charge $1997 for a course, you can make a cool million when you make 500 sales. 

The "gurus" would brag about their million dollar launches. 

What they didn't tell you is they grossed a million dollars. 

Subtract their online ad costs. 

Subtract their affiliate commissions (affiliates earned $1000 per sale so they pounded their lists). 

You see, to sell 500 units, you needed dozens of big-name marketers promoting at the same time. 

Every day I would receive dozens of emails promoting the same course often with the same swipe emails. 

Over time, offering 50% to affiliates wasn't enough incentive. 

They had to add cash prizes of $10-25K for the top affiliate. 

Then they started offering cars to the top affiliates. 

I remember Russell Brunson offered a Hummer to the top affiliate for one of his launches. 

Many marketers actually lost a lot of money on their "million dollar" launches. 

They justified it by saying they would make up the loss with future sales (most never did). 

Today the trend is shifting to lower price points for courses. 

I see many courses for $297 or even $97. 

This week, Amy Porterfield launched her Course Confident Bootcamp. 

She used to charge $1997 for her courses. 

The investment for the Course Confident Bootcamp was... 


You could upgrade to the VIP level for an additional $50. 

Of course, I signed up to see what she was offering for $97. 

I've taken a few courses from Amy in the past and she's fantastic. 

She's super smart and a great teacher. 

She's so authentic. 

She makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. 

She teaches her courses live and there are FOUR, yes FOUR, chat rooms with a steady stream of raving fans engaging with everything Amy says. 

Guess how many people are in the course Facebook group? 

Over 11,500, and growing rapidly as I watch the first live call. 

The Facebook group is also on fire with enthusiastic students. 

Amy has been doing this for a long time, so don't expect the same results when you launch your first course. 

She creates a first-class experience and over-delivers in her courses. 

She's definitely someone you should model as you create your courses. 

Let me ask you this... 

Would you rather sell 500 units at $1997 with the help of an army of affiliates, or 11,500 units at $97 where you keep the profits?

- Ted 

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