How Mastering One Skill Can Transform Your Business, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

When I started in marketing 20 years ago, I thought I needed to learn everything. 

Automated lead gen systems didn't exist so I learned HTML, copywriting, Google ads, Facebook ads, social media, and SEO. 

I was a jack of all trades and pretty good at some skills but I always felt I had to learn more before clients would hire me. 

For years, I could keep up with the latest trends in online ads, SEO, and website platforms. 

As time went on, the pace of change left me in the dust. 

Google Slaps, Facebook data sharing lawsuits, skyrocketing ad costs, GDPR restrictions, and Twitter changes made my head spin. 

I realized I had to narrow my focus. 

To become THE GUY in one area of expertise, I needed to go all in. 

I went all in on LinkedIn a dozen years ago and I feel like I know more than 99% of the LinkedIn "experts". 

A few years ago I went all in on mastering email marketing and writing (after I wrote four books I decided I wanted to be a better writer?) 

I spend a lot of time studying email marketing. 

I spend a lot of time learning how to be a better writer. 

I'm all in writing stories and emails. 

Some say those skills will be replaced by AI. 

I think I have some time before that window closes. 

For now, I'll make the most of these opportunities and reskill when it's time. 

Would you like to brainstorm and figure out where you should go ALL IN? 

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