Good enough is not good enough, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I first heard it from Dan Kennedy. 

"Good enough is good enough." 

"Ready, fire, aim," the gurus tell us. 

Don't spend hours making your product perfect. 

Start selling then make adjustments. 

Just get it out there as soon as possible. 

The gurus talk about the path an airliner takes. 

The plane never flies straight. 

The pilot is always correcting its course (computers do most of the work these days.) 

Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on a course or a coach only to be disappointed? 

You drop a couple of grand and get advice that worked five years ago but no longer works. 

The course is really a compilation of tactics that made the guru rich for a few months then they packaged the tactics into an unpolished course after the campaign ran out of gas. 

Cole Schafer had a great LinkedIn post yesterday. 

Check it out here

If you're not following Cole, follow him on LinkedIn and get on his email list right now. 

He's a brilliant writer and copywriter. 

In yesterday's post, he shares his "Dope shit" marketing strategy. 

The world is full of "experts" sharing mediocre content and products. 

This morning there are 4.4 million coaches on LinkedIn. 

If you put out mediocre content and services, will you stand out from your competitors? 

Will people be knocking on your door because you shared bland content you found through ChatGPT in your latest LinkedIn post? 

In Cole's post, he says: 

"Dope shit isn’t a 17-part tweet thread copy and pasted from Wikipedia. 

Dope shit isn’t a 30-second cover of a song (you can’t play from start to finish). 

Dope shit isn’t another thought-leadership post ripped off of Seth Godin’s blog. 

Dope shit is original art, books, essays, creations, projects, inventions, albums and paintings that require you to do the hard, hands-in-the-dirt work of stumbling your way towards mastery in your respective vocation." 

Dope shit isn't "good enough is good enough." 

Instead of cranking out a ton of mediocre content and products, take your time and create a masterpiece. 

Content you'll be proud of. 

Products you'll be proud of. 

You'll be miles ahead of your competition without having to crank out new content every day.

- Ted

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