I bet your BS detector is flashing right now.

This is not an overhyped promo where I teach you some crazy black-hat trick that will get you banned by Google and LinkedIn.

les riketti

This is a live coaching session from my Linked Accelerator class. Les is transitioning from a longtime career as an architect into marketing. We're looking at his LinkedIn profile and focusing on his professional headline and summary today.

Our assignment last week was to identify your ideal client including their demographics and psychographics. Les fell a little behind and hasn't identified his ideal client yet.

In this coaching session I help Les get clear on who he wants to work with and what their biggest problems are. I also help him get started on getting really clear on what services he's going to offer.

The best part is I showed him how I find red-hot prospects, or as Perry Marshall says, prospects with a bleeding neck that need your service ASAP. Fast forward to around the 11 minute mark if you want to see how I find these bleeding neck prospects.

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