I was on vacation in Winter Park, Colorado last week and the only place I could find WIFI was McDonalds. WIFI at McDonalds? Didn't McDonalds install uncomfortable seating so you wouldn't hang out there a few years ago? Obviously their philosophy has changed.

I haven't been in a McDonalds in years and the greasy smell hasn't changed a bit. I tried to log in using my AT&T account and it failed. After numerous attempts I called tech support and they transferred me to customer service to “fix” my account but they didn't know what to “fix”. Customer service transfered me to DSL support and the tech tested my DSL line back in California. I explained to him that my DSL is working fine and my problem is with my account but he said he couldn't fix my account. After an hour and talking to many different departments, I called back WIFI support and got a coupon code that allowed me access for the day.

For the next 4 days I had the same problem with my account so I just called WIFI support to get my daily coupon code. The next major obstacle was staying online. Every time someone else came into McDonalds with a laptop it would knock me off the network. Only one person at a time can be on the WIFI network. Finally I gave up and decided I needed a break from the internet anyway so put away my laptop for the rest of the vacation. Boy did that feel good!

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