Why You Need to Differentiate Before It’s Too Late

Why You Need to Differentiate
Before It's Too Late

Yesterday I tried a new approach to webinars.

Instead of teaching for 45 minutes then 15 minutes of Q&A…

I turned the webinar model inside out.

Learn a little and implement immediately.

We laid the foundation to differentiate you and your business so you can stand out from the competition in 2022.

98% of you stayed to the very end of the webinar.

Yes 98%.


They know they need to adapt to the “new normal"

People are still pivoting as the pandemic drags on. 

Transition is everywhere. 

Businesses are adapting to supply chain issues, higher costs and staff shortages. 

People are choosing not to return to the jobs they hated. 

The problems we solved in 2019 may or may not exist.

Chances are most of your competitors are still using strategies that worked in 2019.

People have new problems which means new opportunities for us. 

2022 will be one of the biggest opportunities for you and your business, if you play your cards right.

People and businesses need your expertise more than ever.

Now is the time to differentiate, revamp your offers and leave your competitors in the dust. 

In Linked Accelerator 2.0 we’re starting over. 

  1. How do you differentiate your business from literally millions of competitors?
  2. Are your offers still relevant?
  3. Do you have solutions to people’s new post-pandemic problems?
  4. How to create a LinkedIn profile that stops the scroll
  5. Content marketing strategies that take advantage of LinkedIn’s new Creator Mode
  6. LinkedIn networking strategies for 2022
  7. And more

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