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Again, I want to thank you for purchasing Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Second Edition. I truly appreciate your support.

Here are the  bonuses I promised (The bonuses are still coming in so check back frequently).


Perry Marshall - 80/20 Sales and Marketing

Perry Marshall is my longtime friend and mentor. His best-selling 80/20 Sales and Marketing book is one of the most talked about business books in many years.

You're in for one of those explosive moments when an interesting notion becomes a momentous epiphany because Perry Marshall is about to blow your mind.  - Michael Gerber, Author, The E-Myth

Get 80/20 Sales and Marketing for a penny + shipping

Alex Mandossian - The Fastest, Easiest and Most  Reliable Way To Get High-End Clients Video Series

This Content-Rich, 4-Part Video Training Series Is UNIQUE because ...

  • It hands you a time-proven selling method that pre-qualifies and gets "buy-in" without utilizing "manipulative" sales techniques or "rejection"
  • It gives you a market-tested sequencing secret to make your online "marketing funnel" quick and easy to set-up with automated sales
  • It helps you inspire new clients to say "YES" during live webinars, teleseminars ... and even live physical workshops and seminars 
  • It provides you a no-pressure and authentic  client acquisition system that focuses on a sure and simple to enroll high-end, premium clients

Click here for immediate access to this exclusive training

 Tom Beal - ​Become Immune to Millionaire Kryptonite

Tom Beal is one of my coaches who helped me achieve a level of success I never imagined I could reach. I met Tom around 2005 and he's been a great friend and mentor every since

Recently Tom created a program where he shared inspirational and business-building tips ​to become immune to millionaire kryptonite!

Click to get immediate access to Tom's ​case study

Brian G. Johnson - The Missing Chapter of Trust Funnel

If you haven't met Brian G. Johnson, you are in for a treat. Brian's new book, Trust Funnel, hit #1 on Amazon in 5 categories, which is pretty impressive for a first-time author.

Trust Funnel isn't a 99 cent ebook. This is a real book that killed it and Brian is going to share his secrets to successfully marketing a book.

Click to access Brian's Missing Chapter from Trust Funnel, Discover How To Drive & Convert More Traffic by Leveraging the Power of the
Amazon & Kindle Self Publishing Opportunity

Gary Barnes

Gary Barnes is a global premier business, money and relationship coach; an author, and an international speaker. He is the founder of MaxLife International, dedicated to helping people create wealth in all areas of life.

​Gary believes anyone can lead an empowered life, no matter what their circumstances are. He has built three successful businesses from the ground up. To do this, he developed principles and tools that helped him increase his business 2000% over a three-year period.

I know you will find the FREE On Purpose Results Action Guide both insightful and useful. To give you a glimpse into what this guide offers, the topics are listed below.

  • Maximize Your Business Now (Part One)
  • Maximize Your Business Now (Part Two)
  • Secrets to Achieving Your Goals
  • Are You Stuck? How to Create Exponential Growth
  • Networking & The Art of Connecting
  • Elevate and Separate
  • Finding Your Perfect Client/Customer
  • Now-Later-Never
  • Living Deliberately 28,908,000 Times
  • Take a Flying Leap

Download Gary's Bonus Here

Mike Wolpert - Business Storytelling for Success

Mike Wolpert is the founder and CEO of Soci@l Jumpstart, a Social Marketing Consultancy that advises brilliant entrepreneurs on creating a space for their brands to live and breathe on the Internet.

Our Business Social Marketing video training programs are straightforward, easy to master tutorials that are helping our clients grow their businesses - in their local communities and online. We offer best in class marketing education, motivation and results.

We help people tell their stories, share their passions and connect with new prospects - teaching business owners to put social marketing to work for them and inspiring them to enjoy doing it.

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