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How to Create LinkedIn Polls

On LinkedIn you have the ability to create polls.  You can create polls on your personal profile that your 1st degree connections will see.  You can also create polls on your company page for your followers to see. In this video I show you how to create LinkedIn polls.

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Does Your LinkedIn Profile Sound Like a Resume?

If you’re in the 9-5 corporate world, your LinkedIn profile should be your online resume. Your resume is all about you. If you’re a coach, consultant, or independent professional service provider, your LinkedIn profile should be client-focused.  What do I mean by client-focused? Your LinkedIn profile should be focused on your target market and the problems you solve for […]

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3 Reasons People Don’t Buy

There are only three reasons people do not buy from you. I learned this from our timeshare salesman, Steve, in Cancun. Well Steve did say there was a fourth but that was when a couple who worked for the CIA said they couldn’t buy a timeshare in Mexico because they would lose their security clearance if they […]

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because you can…

On my Peloton ride today, Emma Lovewell was kicking my ass.It was a grueling 30-minute ride.One of the hardest rides I ever did.At one point, when we were giving max effort, she challenged us to add more resistance AND increase our cadence.I could’ve ignored her and continued my already grueling pace or even backed off a little.Then […]

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LinkedIn Events Made Easy

LinkedIn Events are a powerful tool that helps promote your online and in-person events.  In this video I show you how to create LinkedIn Events that let you capture the viewers contact information so you can follow up with them after the event. Hey, it’s Ted Prodromou, I want to show you how to set up […]

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