We see a lot of car commercials on television.

It seems like every set of commercial breaks include at least one car commercial.

I noticed something the other day.

Most commercials for cars like Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota focus on the interest rate and monthly payment.

Commercials for BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes focus on the experience of driving the car.

It’s rare to see commercials that talk about the engine size, accessories  or the safety features.

The benefits highlighted in a Toyota commercial focus on the low interest rate and low monthly payments for 60 months or more.

Years ago, when I used to have to finance my cars, a salesman kept asking me how much I wanted to pay per month.

I kept asking what’s the bottom line price for the car.

We went back and forth.

I couldn’t pay cash but I wanted to know that bottom line number.

He wanted to keep me focused on the smaller number. 

These days I buy a car because of the experience it provides.

We did the minivan thing when the kids were growing up because we needed lots of space.

Today, the kids are grown so we buy cars we love to drive.

It’s not about the monthly payment.

Think about the products and services you sell in your business.

How do you position your products and services?

When you’re selling a high-ticket package don’t focus on the monthly payments.

Focus on the value you are providing.

Focus on the experience they’ll receive from investing in your product.

Focus on the emotional and financial cost when they don’t solve their problem.

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