I have to apologize to you. 

I didn't realize I've been "quiet quitting" on you for a while. 

What is quiet quitting? 

By the way, who comes up with these terms? 

Out of the blue, new trends appear with clever (or not so clever) names. 

How do I apply for that job of naming these trends? 

If you haven't heard about the latest rage "quiet quitting", it's when workers log in at the beginning of the workday and log out promptly at 5 PM or 8 hours after they clocked in. 

Workers are being electronically tracked by their bosses like never before. 

Your boss knows exactly how many hours you were at your computer and how much work you accomplished. 

Workers aren't interested in going above and beyond to impress their boss. 

They're not on the fast track to getting promoted because they realize very few people get the promotions they deserve. 

These days you log in and go through the motions to get the minimal amount of work done in an eight-hour window. 

Kinda like a government job. 

They are only there for their paycheck. 

They are sick and tired of their boss expecting them to respond to emails at midnight. 

A few months ago, I realized I was just going through the motions. 

I wasn't loving my job. 

I wasn't going above and beyond to serve you. 

I was barely going through the motions. 

I pulled the plug on my membership site and let go of most of my clients. 

I've been on a mini-sabbatical figuring out what's next for me and my business. 

What made me realize I'd been quiet quitting on you? 

I read a LinkedIn post from Cole Schafer, a brilliant copywriter. 

Here's what he said: 

I read today that there is a superstition among Arabs, that a meal prepared for a lover can become poisonous if eaten by someone else. 

While I don’t pay much mind to superstitions of any kind, I do believe the intention, care and love we place into our work can be felt by those that witness it upon completion. 

The Greeks have a word for this. 

It’s called “Meraki” and it’s described as the act of an artist or craftsman leaving a part of himself behind in his work. 

I have this magical word tattooed on the inside of my bicep to remind myself what I am to do each time I sit down to put words to a page. 

I don’t particularly enjoy talking about “competitive advantages” but certainly a scarcity today in nearly every vocation, is the care, intention and love that goes into one’s work. 

Surely you’ve experienced this difference between someone caring deeply about what they do and somebody not. 

You can taste this difference at restaurants. You can feel this difference in tabletop massages. You can hear this difference in listening rooms. You can see this difference in your neighbor’s yards. 

Some people care and some people don’t, and this makes all the difference. 

I'm Greek so this really resonated with me. 

For years, I used to leave part of myself behind in all of my work. 

I would go above and beyond for every client. 

I learned this from watching my father run his restaurant. 

Every day, put his heart and soul into his work. 

He gave everything until he started having health problems because he was working his ass off to please his customers. 

Over time, you get tired and/or bored. 

It's hard to sustain giving 100% of yourself day after day, year after year. 

That's what happened to me. 

I wasn't caring deeply about my work. 

I needed a break to regroup and refocus. 

I'm slowly coming out of my slumber. 

I do know what I care deeply about. 

I know I don't want to be just another LinkedIn or business coach. 

It's not all about making more money. 

It's about making a difference. 

And a lasting legacy. 

Are you quiet quitting on your clients or even worse, yourself? 

I'm putting together a group of entrepreneurs who are looking to play the long game. 

Together we'll create a peer group where we can bounce ideas off each other. 

We'll share business and marketing advice with each other. 

We'll be our own mini-board of directors. 

This will be a group of hand-picked subject matter experts who want to make a lasting impact. 

Comment YES if you'd like to learn more. 

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