Don't worry. I'm not getting all touchy, feely.

My son bought me a Fitbit Versa 3 for Christmas. 

Now I know how well I slept last night according to data points. 

How many times I turned over. 

How many calories I burned on my Peloton ride this morning. 

My heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. 

And a million other data points. 

Does this data make me more productive? 

Does it make me lose weight? 

Does it help me make more money? 

I’ll let you know in a few months... 

One thing I do know is consistency matters. 

I’ve done at least one Peloton ride for 59 consecutive weeks. 

I completed over 360 rides. 

I feel better and I’ve lost some weight (still working on food consistency). 

I was reading the latest issue of Make It Rain Monthly from Chris Orzechowski. 

Chris talked about The Rule of 5 which he learned from his personal trainer. 

If you work out five times a week, one workout will be off the chart. 

One workout will totally suck. 

Three workouts will be okay. 

The key is to be consistent. 

A few months ago I started emailing five times a week instead of once every month or two. 

My list is growing organically because people are sharing my emails with their friends and colleagues. 

Some of my emails are home runs and I get a lot of positive feedback. 

Some of my emails suck. 

Most of them are okay and I get some feedback. 

The key is consistency. 

You get into a flow. 

It’s easy to write an email a day when you’re in rhythm. 

It’s easy to work out every day when you’re in rhythm. 

If you want to lose weight or grow your business, you have to be consistent. 

This reminds me of a comment someone made when I was speaking at a networking event. 

"I’ve been on LinkedIn for 10 years and I’ve never received any business" 

I asked him how often he logs into LinkedIn. 

He said "Once every month or two."

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