Are LinkedIn Groups Dead?

For years, I've been saying LinkedIn Groups are deadMarketers killed them. 

Every day, they would auto-blast self-promotional "articles" to every group they belong to. 

When LinkedIn Groups were new, you could have real conversations with group members.

You could ask questions and people would help you. 

You could become the group expert and people would hire you. 

Until group moderators stop moderating their groups. 

LinkedIn Groups became spam buckets.

Today, lots of new content is posted every day but there is zero interaction (unless your team chimes in with insincere Likes and comments).

A few years ago, LinkedIn tried to revive groups. 

But they failed miserably. 

They hamstrung the moderators and limited their ability to message the entire group...

...because they were abusing the group members with daily sales pitches. 

I haven't looked at a LinkedIn Group in over a year. 

Recently LinkedIn announced there are now over 2.9 million groups.

So I decided to take another look to see if there's an opportunity.

And to my surprise, here's what I found...

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