We’ve all heard the theory of 10,000 hours.

If you spend 10,000 hours studying a topic, you are an expert, often a top one percenter.

Is that still true?

I’m sure I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours studying and executing marketing over the years.

At least 10,000 hours copywriting.

At least 10,000 hours on Google Adwords.

At least 10,000 hours on Facebook ads.

Way more than 10,000 hours on LinkedIn.

And I still feel the need to keep learning and doing marketing every day.

Reaching the top of your game is a journey, not a destination.

A never-ending journey and you have to be willing to put in the work.

Elon Musk is an expert in batteries and electric cars.

Does he stop learning about batteries and electric cars because he did his 10,000 hours?

Yesterday, Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl at age 43.

And he’s been to 10 Super Bowls, double the number of any other player.

Brady said he’s coming back next year to win another.

Like him or not, he's the greatest quarterback of all time. 

He not only mastered the game of football, he’s mastered the game of human performance.

Years ago, Brady started studying human performance.

He wanted to extend his career because he loves playing football.

He’s still willing to do the work necessary to perform at the highest level 20 years into his career.

Most player’s career ends before they are 25.

What is the optimal diet to perform at the highest physical and mental levels?

What is the optimal workout to perform at the highest levels?

Brady changed his diet and workouts.

His diet is 80% fruits and vegetables. 

He drinks a lot of smoothies. 

He drinks up to 25 glasses of water every day. (holy crap!)

If he wants an occasional slice of pizza, he eats one, but only great pizza. 

Instead of bulking up to look like The Rock, he focuses on flexibility and pliability. 

Muscle-bound athletes tear their muscles. 

Focusing on flexibility and pliability reduces his injuries.

I'd say the work is paying off for Brady. 

What are YOU willing to do the work to reach the top of your game and stay there?

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