Improve Marketing Analytics

LinkedIn has a collection of powerful analytics tools, that lets you measure your effectiveness on LinkedIn.

Some of these tools are included with your free LinkedIn account, while others are only offered to premium account holders.

These tools are a great addition to LinkedIn because now you have the ability to see how many people view, like, comment and share your status updates and published content.

You can also see detailed demographics of who views your profile, so you can see who your profile is attracting.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn has been letting us see who’s been viewing our profile for a few years but they’ve dramatically enhanced this tool for Premium members.

This feature alone is worth the investment in a Premium LinkedIn account. 

Th Way You Fill  Out Your Profile Is Important

The way you fill out your profile is so important.

The LinkedIn algorithm takes into account your industry, your region, your education and the keywords you use in your profile, including your professional headline, job titles, keywords in your summary, and the rest of your profile.

Knowing how people found you on LinkedIn, helps you to customize your profile, so you attract the right profile viewers. 

Connecting & Messaging

 Once you've seen who has been viewing your profile, you're able to determine if you want to connect with them, or if you've already connected with them.

 If you are connected to a person on LinkedIn, you will see the Message link so you can easily send them a message.

If you see the Connect button, you can quickly connect with them if they are right for your network.

I like to view their profile to see if they are a match for my professional network before inviting them to connect with me.

If you are a LinkedIn LION, you will connect with everyone who views your profile no matter what.

I consider a person who viewed my profile as a “warm” lead because something compelled them to view my profile.

I find that at least 80% of the people who viewed my profile will connect with me if I reach out to them.

Weekly Profile Viewers

If  you were to click on Viewers from [ your industry name], you’ll see the people from that industry who viewed your profile, plus all the industries that attracted your profile viewers.

When you click on each industry, you’ll see exactly who viewed your profile from each industry. 

 Detailed Profile Viewer Demographics

On the right side of the graph, you'll see the job titles of the people who viewed your profile.

If you're trying to attract C-level executives and most of your profile views come from lower-level management, you need to update your profile and start distributing your content to a different audience on LinkedIn.

This alone is worth the small investment in a Premium LinkedIn account.

Data Categories

As you explore all of the tabs in the chart, more data categories will appear.

As a marketer, this data gives me the keys to the kingdom, as I target my ideal clients on LinkedIn.

I'm able to know what’s working and what’s not working, in my daily LinkedIn activity.

How Viewers Find You

My favorite data comes from the Viewers Found You From People Similar to You tab.

 LinkedIn tells you how people found your LinkedIn profile and which keywords they used to find you.

This data shows you if they found you on the LinkedIn homepage, LinkedIn groups, from LinkedIn InMail you sent them, and even if they found you from a Google search.

This again helps you fine-tune your profile, so you include the right keywords in the right sections of your LinkedIn profile.

It's like receiving the answers to the test before you take the test!


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