I hang out with a lot of brilliant marketers. 

Many of these marketers focus on email marketing. 

They are considered the "best of the best" by their peers. 

Of course, I subscribe to their email lists so I can experience their greatness. 

Some of these gurus make you apply to get on their email list which is an excellent way to get us to take a survey AND to prequalify your prospects. 

I learn a lot from most of these email marketers but... 

...some of these marketers do nothing but brag about how much money they make. 

What boggles my mind is other marketers whom I consider top-notch, rave about the emails from these marketers. 

What am I missing? 

About 20% of their emails teach useful marketing strategies. 

80% are all about them, how much money they make, and promoting their next coaching program. 

If they're not talking about their riches, they're promoting other people's courses so they can earn affiliate income. 

I don't want to name names but let me know if you've come across any email newsletters that are nothing but hype and bragging. 

So, what makes a good email? 

If you've been on my list for a while (I started my list in 2002 or so), you know I used to send LinkedIn and social media marketing tips. 

"How to change your LinkedIn professional headline" would be a typical subject line. 

The email would be step-by-step instructions for changing your headline. 

Click here, click there. 

My emails were boring as hell, but people did get useful information and they thanked me for it. 

I think back and wonder "If I knew what I know now about email marketing..." 

That's why we need to keep learning and implementing to stay at the top of our game. 

In the old days, you could set up a marketing campaign, turn on Google ads and get great leads. 

You could log in once a week (or sometimes once a month) to check on your campaign and it kept running on autopilot. 

It was really fun when you could set up Google ads that directed people directly to your affiliate links. 

You didn't have to write copy or create a landing page. 

The product owner did all of the heavy lifting by creating a high-converting landing page and fine-tuning the copy. 

The better the landing page converted, the more money they would make. 

As an affiliate, our job was to direct traffic to that high-converting landing page and collect our affiliate commissions. 

It was easy money and a win/win for me and the product owner. 

Of course, people abused the opportunity and Google changed the rules so we couldn't "direct link" via affiliate links. 

Today, if you're running Google or Facebook ads you need to watch them very closely because they seem to change the rules once a week. 

What worked last month may not be allowed now. 

And they have automated bots that will shut down your account if it detects or thinks it detects you are violating their terms of service. 

Once you get shut down, it can take months to prove your innocence. 

That's why I like to focus most of my marketing on my email list. 

Yes, email is getting harder to get delivered but it's still the best revenue generator for my business. 

I've learned over the years to write my emails like I'm talking to YOU one-on-one. 

We're having a casual conversation over a cup of coffee. 

I'm not talking AT you. 

We're two friends chatting at Starbucks. 

The best email marketers I know are great storytellers. 

These are the people I want to receive emails from, and I can't wait to read their emails (when was the last time you WANTED to read an email?). 

Since I changed my email writing style, people reply to my emails and thank me. 

They say they can't wait for my next email. 

This is much more important to me than monitoring delivery and open rates. 

Engagement is what matters when you send an email. 

I don't try to trick people into responding to my emails. 

I share stories that I think will help grow your business. 

Get on my friend Tom Ruwitch's email list if you want to be thoroughly entertained. 

Of course, my email marketing mentor Laura Belgray shares amazing stories in her emails

There are plenty of other great email marketers. 

Too many to mention here so I'll put together a list of my favorites and share it on my website. 

Who are your favorite email marketers? 

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