You call this a lead? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Marketers always claim they can get you leads. 

Lots of leads. 

What do you consider a lead? 

When marketers start talking about leads, my mind goes right to Seth Godin's book "All Marketers Are Liars". 

If you've worked in a corporate marketing department, you're familiar with "marketing qualified leads" and "sales qualified leads". 

Of course, sales reps want "sales qualified leads" that are ready to sign the contract today. 

Marketers do their best to generate qualified leads and it takes time to nurture the leads to the "sales qualified lead" stage. 

This morning, I saw a Facebook ad for LinkedIn marketing training for coaches and B2B consultants. 

The "before" scenario showed 400 invitations per month which they called leads. 

Inviting someone to connect on LinkedIn is a lead? 

Next, they said you get a 20% acceptance rate which is 80 new LinkedIn connections. 

3% of your new LinkedIn connections would book a call and you would get 2.4 calls per month and zero revenue. 

The "after" scenario shows by using automation you can reach 5200 leads per month. 

Again they call a LinkedIn invitation a lead. 

The 20% acceptance rate gives you 1040 new LinkedIn connections every month. 

The booking rate amazingly jumps from 3% to 4-7% when you use automation. 

Your calls per month also jumps from 2.4 calls to 42-72 calls per month. 

They claim automation causes your revenue to jump from $0 to $56,000 per month because you are acquiring 8-16 new clients every month. 

Sounds great until you dig deeper. 

If you are a coach or B2B consultant, could you handle 8-16 new clients every month? 

That's 96-192 new clients every year. 

If you do 72 sales calls every month, you are spending almost half of your 40-hour work week on Zoom calls with cold leads. 

I used to do 15-minute "discovery" calls with new LinkedIn connections. 

I spent 4-6 hours a day prospecting, inviting to connect, and doing discovery calls. 

That doesn't include creating content and marketing to generate more leads. 

After 40 hours a week of marketing, prospecting, and closing new clients, I had to coach my clients. 

I was making great money but it was exhausting. 

Today, I have a different approach to LinkedIn that lets me work less and enjoy life. 

I'll be sharing my entire LinkedIn strategy in my upcoming Linked Accelerator course. 

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