I admit it. 

I ordered Girl Scout cookies through DoorDash. 

I placed my order and 30 minutes later the cookies arrived at my door. 

Since I use a Chase card to pay for my DoorDash deliveries, there is no delivery charge. 

This could be real trouble. 

Those damn Girl Scouts are making it way too easy for me to satisfy my sugar addiction. 

Last night I was trying to place a take-out order for a burrito at a local restaurant. 

Their app was confusing as hell and checking out was nearly impossible. 

After three attempts, my payment finally went through. 

Why do some businesses make it easy to do business with them while others make nearly impossible? 

It's clear some businesses don't bother to act like their own customer to test their sales process. 

They could easily ask someone to be a secret shopper to get feedback on their sales process. 

People have zero tolerance for confusion. 

If it's not brain-dead simple to complete a purchase they'll be gone forever. 

This is true whether you are selling B2C or B2B. 

I see a lot of marketing campaigns and very few clearly convey what they're selling. 

Their sales letter or video ramble on forever, making little sense. 

My father-in-law Jack used to yell at the television when he would see a commercial that didn't have a clear message. 

"I have no idea what they were selling on that commercial" 

When DoorDash sent a notification to my phone that I could order Girl Scout cookies, I placed my order within seconds. 

Some of it was curiosity to experience the sales process and some of it was because we all love Girl Scout cookies and want to support the Girl Scouts.  

Do you make it easy for people to buy from you? 

I'd love to hear from you. 

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