My first book is coming to a bookstore near you soon!! After many months of long days and nights, Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business is being printed as we speak. I received some advanced copies the other day and I'm so excited!!

I wasn't planning to write a book until my friend and mentor, Perry Marshall, called me. Entrepreneur Press wanted him to write books about LinkedIn and Twitter because his Ultimate Guide to Adwords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising are the best selling books on those topics. Perry and I were going to co-author the books but he backed out at the last minute because he was too busy. All of a sudden I had 2 signed book deals!

I've never written a full book before so I was excited and scared as hell at the same time. I've written hundreds of blog posts and numerous ebooks but I've never written 75,000 words about one subject. I was totally overwhelmed at first so I quickly contacted my friend, Ron Person, who has written 36 books about Microsoft Excel and business dashboards. Ron mentored me and helped me create an outline of each book.

Ron taught me how focus on one chapter at a time and not be overwhelmed by the scope of the project. Once I created the outline of each book and focused on one topic at a time, the project became much easier. Since I work full time, I spent a few hours every night after work and every weekend for almost 8 months working on my books. I had no problem writing 75,000 words about LinkedIn and actually wrote almost 90,000 words by the time I finished. Of course some of the content was edited but I felt really good that I wrote that much content.

I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn when I started the book, but I quickly realized there's a lot to learn about LinkedIn. They are constantly improving the site and adding new functionality. They're doing a great job of creating an online business portal where you can log in every day and find engaging content and conversations. I have to say LinkedIn is now one of my favorite websites and I spend a lot of time there every day even though I'm not looking for a new job. By the way, if you think LinkedIn is only for finding a new job, you need to spend some time there. It's so much more than a job site!

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