Tony Faustino

I Advise B2B Firms On Aligning Content Marketing, LinkedIn and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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21st Century Buyers Crave Educational Content That Informs Their Decision Making. As President and Founder of Faustino Marketing Strategies LLC, my mission is to advise my clients how to market and promote their expertise on The Internet so their buyers find, learn about and purchase their services.

Help Your Buyers By Educating Them. Today's B2B buyers invest in organizations, services, or products they trust. They invest significant time in online research during the initial stages of a buyer journey or consumer journey.

+ Help buyers solve their problems and earn their trust.

+ Publish content showing how your approach addresses their problem(s).

+ Show your buyers how you think.

I write about how The Internet reinvents content marketing and corporate strategy in my personal blog: Social Media ReInvention ( My advisory experience as a marketing and corporate strategist spans organizations from early stage startups to The Fortune 500.

My content marketing experience includes (but is not limited to) inbound and digital marketing activities focusing on buyer persona profiles, relationship building with influential bloggers, media writers and thought leaders, selecting social media channels, and writing / blogging to educate current and prospective buyers.

I integrate content marketing tactics with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM: Pay-Per-Click / PPC advertising), and inbound link process improvements using SpyFu Competitive Intelligence Tools.

Converse with me in real-time communications via Twitter (@tonyfaustino), Facebook (Social Media ReInvention Blog), and Google+ (+TonyFaustino).


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