Ellen and I are on a roadtrip down the California coast. 

We love driving down the coast with no destination in mind. 

Each town on the California coast has it’s own unique character. 

Of course you have your surfer dudes and volleyball games alone the beach (do these people ever work?).

This morning we’re in Monterey and Ellen went for a bike ride (my cycling days are over due to vertigo).

I decided to surprise her with some fresh French pastries from a bakery we saw last night. 

The line was out the door and pastries were flying off the shelves. 

If you are in Monterey, check out the French Bakery Cafe!

The woman who helped me was very nervous. 

She wanted my order to be perfect so she double-checked my request. 

As she was ringing up my order on an older-model POS system, she started over twice. 

She forgot how to run the credit card since it was a different system than the cash register. 

Her hands were shaking. 

“Today is my first day” she apologized. 

I said “No hurry take your time”

She started the transaction again and couldn’t run the credit card. 

“I’m sorry I need to ask for help”

I reassured her that it was okay to ask for help.

“Everyone has a first day. Take your time. I’m in no hurry”

I could see her smile behind her mask.

“Thank you for your patience”

I grew up working in my parents restaurant. 

People love to complain when their experience isn’t perfect. 

Of course, there will be hiccups whether you’re running a restaurant or your own business. 

These days, people fly off the handle when they have to wait a minute or two for service.

They go off on the poor person who is helping them. 

Scream at them and call them names.

Complain to their manager.

This is one of the reason’s people don’t want to go back to working in retail for minimum wage. 

I know the people working at our local coffee shop are working 2 to 3 part-time minimum wage jobs just to get by. 

I know how hard these people work. 

They’re doing their best.

Give them a break and tip well.

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