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I noticed a lot of people were posting content a certain way on LinkedIn that generated a ton of views. 

There was no gimmick like post parties or manipulating the LinkedIn algorithm. 

Good content in an easy-to-view format. 

The other day I came across some software that let me create carousels on LinkedIn. 

In case you're not familiar, carousels are slideshows that let you easily consume content in small bites. 

I grabbed my lifetime deal and gave it a try. 

Within five minutes, I had a great-looking carousel that was posted on LinkedIn. 

I created a few more carousels and scheduled them to be posted on LinkedIn over a few days. 

During our Mastermind Book Club call last week, I gave a little demo because we were talking about content marketing related to the They Ask, You Answer book of the month. 

I could hear the 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' from people on the call. 

An easy-to-use tool that creates great content in seconds. 

Then, Nancy posted something in the chat that killed our buzz. 

“Starting on December 14th, 2023, we’ll be removing all carousels and profile videos from LinkedIn. If you embedded clickable links within any image or video, please note that your content will remain, but the clickable links will no longer work. You can still share external links in the description of any post.” 

Damn it. 

LinkedIn is going to kill another tool that is working really well. 

I've seen it over and over. 

Remember Pulse? 

Pulse was an app that let you post articles that received a lot of views. 

LinkedIn bought Pulse and it continued to work well until... 

LinkedIn decided to kill the Pulse app and roll it into the LinkedIn newsfeed. 

Instead of receiving hundreds or thousands of views, the views trickled to almost zero. 

Leave a COMMENT and tell me which LinkedIn tools worked well for you until LinkedIn decided to retire it. 


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