It’s day 3 of a brand new year and I bet most of your New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory. 

I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions years ago because they never worked for me. 

Today I was reading an email from AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute which I highly recommend if you want to learn copywriting). 

Mindy McHorse (yes that’s her name) suggested a new approach to goal setting and resolutions. 

Choose one word that sums up your focus for the year. 

What word would you choose? 

It’s kinda like Marie Kondo’s ultimate question. 

Does it spark joy? 

As you are cleaning out your closet, hold up each piece of clothing and ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” 

If it doesn’t excite you like the day you bought it, donate it or toss it. 

Sum up 2022 in one word. 

Everything action you take in 2022 should move you closer to your word. 

Your word is your focus for the year. 

Your word should guide you. 

My word for 2022 is FREEDOM. 

I don’t want to be tied to my computer 10 hours a day. 

I don’t want to do 20 discovery calls every week. 

I don’t want to be on Zoom calls 30 hours a week. 

I don’t want my calendar to control me. 

I want to work when I want to work. No 8-5 clock for me. 

I want to be able to go skiing when I want. 

I want to go to the beach when I want. 

I want to spend time with my grandson Nathan. 

I want more passive income. 

Instead of one-on-one coaching, I want to do more group coaching and courses. 

I want to leverage my time so I can earn as much or more than I did in 2021 without working full time. 

I want to simplify my business. 

Before I make any business decisions in 2022, I will ask myself “will this give me more freedom?” 

If not, there will have to be a very compelling reason for me to add that to my “to do” list. 

So, what is your word for 2022? 

Leave a comment and let me know your word for 2022 or share it in my Facebook Freedom Accelerator Academy group. 

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