In “Hook Point,” Brendan Kane tells the story of working with Taylor Swift to amplify her social media presence.
Kane started working with her by listening to what she wanted.

After meeting with her agent, then her parents, he earned the right to meet with her.

At the time, she had a huge presence on MySpace.

Yes, Taylor Swift built her empire by posting on MySpace.

She loved posted her own content but at the time, websites were not easy to update.

She had to send content to her website developer who would post the content a few days later.

Understanding her frustration, Kane build an easy-to-update website.

When he met with her, he showed her how she could update her website in seconds.

He let her post content and she was hooked.

Kane was immediately hired to build her social media presence.

When Taylor, already a major global star, wanted to deepen her connection with fans and expand her reach on social media platforms, Kane came up with a plan.

Kane and his team recognized that simply posting content wasn't enough; they needed to create compelling hooks that would capture attention in the first three seconds.

One strategy they implemented was leveraging Taylor's unique voice and personality.

Instead of generic posts, they created content that felt personal and authentic, reflecting Taylor's true self.

They also analyzed data to understand what types of posts resonated most with her audience.

For instance, they found that behind-the-scenes content, personal anecdotes, and interactive posts (like polls and Q&A sessions) garnered high engagement.

By focusing on creating engaging hooks and delivering content that felt personal and exclusive, Taylor Swift's social media presence saw a significant boost.

This story highlights the importance of standing out in a crowded digital space by creating hooks that immediately capture attention and delivering content that resonates deeply with the audience.

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