The psychology behind messy rooms, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Thank you for your outpouring of support about my daughter not cleaning her room. 

Many of you were sympathetic and offered ways I could get her to clean her room. 

One person told me I had brainwashed my daughter and I had no idea how to run and live my life. 

To clarify, my daughter is now 35, married with two wonderful children, and very successful. 

Today, she does clean her room. 

When she was a teenager, it was a different story. 

This reminds me of a management class I was in when I was with Cellular One many moons ago. 

Everyone in the company (only 50 at the time) took the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator test. 

In the class, we learned the personality results of the staff we managed. 

This was all new to me and it blew my mind. 

It helped me understand how my staff worked. 

Some needed to create a detailed plan before they started taking action. 

Others started taking action after a short assessment and adjusted as needed. 

This also helped me understand how my wife thinks. 

When I cook dinner, I'm always doing dishes as I cook. 

When dinner is ready, most of the dishes are already done. 

When my wife cooks, she uses every pot and pan in the kitchen and piles them into the sink. 

After dinner, she'll spend an hour doing all of the dishes. 

Her reasoning is why waste time doing dishes while you are cooking? 

She sees them as two very different tasks. 

The end result is that dinner is cooked and the dishes are done, but we approach the tasks very differently. 

Neither of us is right or wrong. 

Now I know this is why my daughter didn't clean her room every day. 

She preferred to do a massive cleaning of her room every few weeks instead of doing a little every day. 

If you manage people or have children, I hope this helps you understand we all have our preferred ways of doing things. 


P.S. What is your MBTI type? I'm an INTJ.  

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