When was the last time you landed a client from LinkedIn? 

It's harder than ever, isn't it? 

If you're old enough, you may remember the Lemmings game from the 90s. 

Your job is to guide lemmings to safety because if you don't, they'll follow each other right off a cliff. 

LinkedIn has become the Lemmings game with everyone following each other right off the cliff. 

Everyone is using tactics that worked in 2015. 

To get clients from LinkedIn you need to stop following the Lemmings. 

The other day, I saw Laura Belgray comment on a LinkedIn post from Cole Shafer. 

I never heard of Cole, but I was instantly engaged by his writing. 

In fact, I couldn't stop reading his articles and blog posts. 

Cole is the opposite of a lemming. 

He's blazing his own path he calls Chasing Hemingway. 

Lemmings try to get clients on LinkedIn by posting content every day. 

Commenting and Liking content. 

Inviting strangers to connect with half-hearted attempts to find something in common. 

"I see we have a lot in common. Let's connect and see do a call to see how we can help each other" 

Spray and pray hoping someone will bite. 

Cole takes a different approach. 

Cole loves his Red Wing boots and he wanted to write copy for them. 

He was a customer and a huge fan of the product. 

He wrote a great story sharing many examples of his experience with Red Wing boots. 

He posted his story on LinkedIn and got the attention of the right people at Red Wing. 

Here's how he used LinkedIn to land a very lucrative gig. 


Is this better than throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping for something to stick? 

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