Yesterday I paid $82 to fill up my Honda Crosstour.

It sucks!

When I got home I whined to my wife Ellen.

Then I saw this post on Instagram that set me straight.

Look around.

You have a roof over your head.

You have heat.

Your refrigerator is full of food.

You have running water.

You know where your family is.

You are safe.

We are spoiled brats.

We go ballistic when our internet goes down for 20 minutes.

A storm knocks out our power for a few hours and we're pissed.

We take our freedom for granted.

If you disagree with something, you have the right to protest.

If you live in Russia or China and protest you get arrested.

You will not get a fair trial.

The citizens of Ukraine are suffering but they're not whining.

Every single citizen is showing us how to be leaders.

They are proud to be Ukrainians and will continue fighting no matter what.

I want to help them and I'm trying to figure out the best way.

I see some people are booking AirBNB's so one family benefits.

I want to help in a bigger way as these brave people literally run for their lives.

Let me know how you are helping.


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