The guys at StomperNet are at it again. They keep releasing the best internet training I've ever seen in small drips. It's the old carrot and stick thing where they hold that carrot just out of our reach making you chase it. And chase it and chase it again. It's worse than chasing that beautiful girl that keeps teasing you but never lets you catch her. Teasing like this should be illegal!!

If you haven't see the lastest Going Natural 2.0 video then you need to visit to join the conversation. You can also get your free copy of Scrutinizer, the amazing free software they just released.

Whatever they're promoting is going to be amazing because everything they do at StomperNet is amazing. Unfortunately I've been shut out of StomperNet both times they opened it so you can imagine how frustrated I am. I feel like I'm playing strip poker with the Playmate of the Year and she never loses a hand!

Stop teasing me guys and tell me what you're selling so I can get my foot in the door this time!! Please!!!

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