I just stumbled upon an interesting blog by [tag-tec]Mitch Joel[/tag-tec] that really caught my attention. Mitch is comparing [tag-ice]Social Media[/tag-ice] to Punk Rock and he has some interesting points in his latest post. Punk Rock is raw, unharnessed energy that either turns you into a raving fan of the music or you completely hate it with a passion.

Great marketing campaigns have the same impact on us. You either love or hate the most memorable marketing campaigns. Remember those annoying jingles that get stuck in your head and drive you crazy? You hate them but you'll remember them forever and you'll never forget the product they promote. How about Apple ads? I bet you remember almost all of them and they'll stick in the back of your mind forever. To leave a lasting impact, you have to be on the edge so you create a polarizing effect on everyone. They'll either love you or hate you but they'll all remember you.

How do you feel about [tag-tec]Howard Stern[/tag-tec], or [tag-tec]Paris Hilton[/tag-tec], or [tag-tec]Britney Spears[/tag-tec]? Have you seen the recent video on youtube.com where the guy is crying and pleading for the press to leave Britney alone? You either love or hate these people but they're all making a fortune being controversial.

Check out Mitch's post at http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/marketing-needs-to-understand-that-social-media-is-like-punk-music/index.html?success=1#c2695

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