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I spent the past weekend with Ray Edwards at his 3 Day Intensive which he promoted as a copywriting workshop. Ray promised we would leave the workshop with a completed sales letter that would be ready to post on our website to promote one of our products.

Ray held a few webinars over the past few weeks to promote the event. A while back he did a webinar called the “1 Hour Sales Letter” where he wrote a sales letter live on the call. Last week he charged $47 for a webinar called “The 2 Hour Sales Letter” where he spent two hours online writing a sales letter. Your $47 investment included a recording of the webinar and templates to help you create your sales letter and autoresponder sequence. It was a bargain at that price and he could easily charge a lot more for the templates alone.

So I jumped on a plane to Phoenix on Thursday pretty much expecting to see the webinar performed live over three days. I was excited because I would be forced to write the sales letter I've been avoiding for months. I expected Ray to spoon feed me the information throughout the weekend and I would leave the workshop with my final draft of the sales letter. Not bad for a $97 investment.

Boy was I wrong. Ray totally tricked me into coming to a workshop that was promoted as a copywriting workshop but we only spent about 25% of the time learning copywriting. We spent the other 75% of the time digging deep into our personalities to figure out what makes us tick.

Ray calls it the Wisdom Thesis, The Simple 5 Step System for Creating Your Unique Profitable Idea. You assess a product or service and identify what's not working or could be improved. As you work through the Wisdom Thesis you develop a theorical solution then eventually the final solution.

Seems like a simple, not-so-revolutionary process doesn't it?

Well the Wisdom Thesis is very different because the work you do is from the inside out. I'll explain the Wisdom Thesis in more detail in an upcoming post but can learn more about it at http://wisdomthesis.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBlYYIAX9pE. The bottom line is the Wisdom Thesis lets you create something extraordinary instead of just ordinary.

The entire weekend had us thinking from the inside out. Lots of self-evaluation. Deep inner thinking. Spiritual thinking. Thinking from perspectives we didn't know exisited.

Everyone had many revelations and breakthroughs throughout the weekend. We could feel a dramatic difference in the room on Sunday. We were all playing at a different level. Everyone was seeing the world through a different set of eyes that were laser sharp. We knew exactly what we had to do as we returned to our “normal” lives on Sunday night.

I encourage you to learn more about Ray at www.rayedwards.com. Sign up for his newsletter and listen to his inspiring podcasts. WARNING: His website makes him look like a copywriter but watch out…

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