I came across an interesting blog post that talked about a trick waiters use to persuade you into ordering a specific dish. The post is located at http://www.boingboing.net/2008/01/28/waiters-use-nodding.html

The trick is that they tilt their head about 10 to 15 degrees and smile slightly as they suggest a dish. For some reason this subtle gesture creates a connection between you and the waitperson so you trust them more. It's sounds like its related to an NLP technique and could very well be true.

Think about it. When you go out to dinner and the waitperson is disengaged, they probably stand far away from you and may even be leaning away from you when they take your order. They aren't smiling and they act like they don't want to be there. You don't feel a warm and fuzzy connection with the waitperson and I bet you don't like the taste of the food or don't enjoy the dining experience.

When the waitperson is engaged, they're standing closer to you and probably leaning towards you. They're smiling and enjoying themselves. They become a large part of your dining experience and you feel a strong connection with them. You feel comfortable asking for suggestions and I bet your food tastes better and you'll be more apt to recommend the restaurant to your friends.

Are you engaged with your customers or are you just going through the motions. When you're engaged, your customers are happier and will come back over and over. They'll rave about you to their friends and family. If you don't have a lot of repeat business or a lot of referrals, I'll bet you're not engaged and just going through the motions.

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