Perry Marshall turns 40My friend Perry Marshall is turning 40 this Friday and I think it's bothering him more than he admits. Of course he's telling us it's no big deal that he's reaching another milestone in his life but he just won't let it go. He keeps emailing his friends every day with another lame justification that it's “just another day in my life, no big deal”.

Perry's been rehashing old stories about getting fired many times before he made it big. We've heard those stories a million times so I guess he's already experiencing some senior moments. You know how seniors tell you the same stories over and over again, not realizing they've told you the story a million times.

In Perry's last newsletter he told his infamous Amway story again. This timeĀ  he outdid himself and expanded the story to almost 16 pages of his newsletter. And he keeps telling us that turning 40 doesn't bother him.

Why is Perry throwing his own birthday celebration if turning 40 doesn't bother him? I'm sure his wife Laura has a huge celebration planned but I get the feeling Perry is a bit insecure about this birthday. When I turned 40 I didn't feel compelled to throw a party for myself. It really was just another birthday for me but I must admit turning 50 last year did have a huge impact on me!

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Happy Birthday Perry!

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