A couple of weeks ago I made one small change to my LinkedIn profile and the results were crazy. First, my profile views skyrocketed.
linkedin profile views
 Second, my ranking for profile views for 100 professionals similar to me jumped to number four from fifteen.
linkedin profile ranking2
linkedin profile ranking
 Third, the number of people reaching out to connect with me increased from 5-6 per week to 5-6 per day.
I wasn’t expecting much to happen with this small change and I was shocked when I looked at my profile views a week later. In fact, I discouraged my students and clients from making this change to their profile because I thought it looked to self-promotional and unprofessional.
I admit it. I was WRONG!
So what was this small change?
I added two words to my last name field. I changed my last name to Prodromou, LinkedIn Coach.
Now my name appears like this when I like, share and comment on posts.
linkedin comment
How cool is that? Instant, free traffic to my profile views and my network is growing faster than ever.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with your LinkedIn profile. Make a change to your profile and see if your profile views and ranking improve. If they improve, keep the change and make another change. If your profile views and ranking decrease, go back to your previous profile and change something else. Remember to make one change at at time and monitor your results.
And never assume something won’t work like I did. You know what happens when you assume!

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