On this day in 1961... Blog article written by Ted Prodromou. Backwards Day

Ready for some useless trivia? 

Today is National Backwards Day. 

Backwards Day was created by two farmers, Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott in 1961. 

The idea came to them while they were milking their cows. 

They were talking about arts and crafts which somehow turned into ideas for Backwards Day. 

Today is the day when you do everything backwards. 

The most famous example is the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza declared Opposite Day. 

George was having his usual run of bad luck, so he decided to do everything the opposite way for a day. 

"My life is the complete opposite of what I want it to be. Every instinct I've ever had has been completely wrong." 

George changed his ways and did the opposite of what his instinct told him. 

Opposite Day turned George's life around. 

Word has it Leonardo Da Vinci practiced mirror-writing, writing text in the opposite direction that can be read in a mirror. 

This gave him a different perspective which enhanced his creativity. 

We used to wear our shirts backwards and inside out at school on Backwards Day. 

We walked backwards to school (uphill both ways in a foot of snow - just kidding!) 

I changed up my morning routine today. 

I usually start the day by meditating and journaling. 

Today, I started the day by taking our black Lab Lilah for a walk then I rode my Peloton. 

I meditated and journaled after I showered instead of before. 

I'll continue to change my routine today to see if I can be as lucky as George. 

What can you do today to shake up your day? 

I hope this useless trivia brings your good fortune! 

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