No Nonsense Marketing MastermindThe holidays are over and we’re getting back into work mode. I love the holidays but I have to be honest. I hate the deluge of emails about goal setting and New Year’s resolutions. We all know most New Year’s resolutions have already failed and goal setting fails for most people because they never review their goals after the write them down.

I’m a firm believer in goal setting and it works if you do it correctly. Goal setting for me is not a one time event at the end of December. I set goals every year, every quarter, every month and every week.

The real secret to achieving your goals is to have accountability. Writing down your goals is a great first step but without accountability, we all know it’s easy to slip back into our old habits.

Who am I accountable to?

I invest a lot of money in my training and business networking every year. I invest in two high-level mastermind programs where I meet with very successful entrepreneurs three times a year. We spend 13 days every year working on each other’s businesses. Between our in-person meetings, we have monthly group calls where we continue working on each other’s businesses. In addition to that, we have small accountability groups where we talk on a regular basis.

These are serious entrepreneurs who know how to make a lot of money. There’s no fooling around. It’s all about taking action that will make your business more successful.

We set goals and hold each other’s feet to the fire. It’s all about taking action, the right action, to make more money. If you don’t contribute to the group, you won’t be invited back.

Here’s where I invest to grow my business and to grow personally.

Perry Marshall’s Roundtable ($20K/year)
James Malinchak’s VIP Mastermind ($15K/year)
Joel Comm’s Inner Circle
Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins Genesis Labs VIP
Robert Middleton’s Marketing Club
And a few more…

In addition to these high-end mastermind groups, I invest heavily in numerous training programs so I can keep on top of the latest trends in Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, SEO, and other programs that teach me the latest online marketing trends.

For years, I’ve invested a small fortune in training but I resisted the high-end mastermind/coaching programs because I thought they were out of my price range. At the time these programs ranged from $5000 to $10,000 per year. I couldn’t justify the cost in my head even though some of my colleagues invested in them and their businesses skyrocketed. I had a million excuses why they wouldn’t work for me while others who had less knowledge and experience then me were earning six and seven figures a year. All of these programs have at least doubled in price because of their success and to maintain the highest quality members.

I finally made the leap into high-end mastermind/coaching last year and what a year it was. Not to overuse a cliché but it was a life-changing experience. Surrounding yourself with successful entrepreneurs takes your mindset and your income to a new level. It’s that simple.

I know a lot of you are still in the mindset that you can’t afford high-end coaching programs. I understand because I’ve been in your shoes.

One of my goals for 2014 is to help as many people as possible become more successful. I want to help people change their mindset so they can become more successful. I want to teach you how to use LinkedIn more effectively. I want to provide whatever help you need to become more successful.

I’m re-opening my No Nonsense Marketing Mastermind to new members for only $29.95 a month. The normal price is $97 but to reach my goal of helping as many people as possible I’m lowering the price for the next 25 people who join. After that, the price jumps back to $97/month.

Every month I’ll show you what’s working right now online. I won’t teaching you old SEO or online marketing tricks that worked in 2005. I’ll show you what I’m doing for my customers right now to generate more web traffic and to convert that traffic into paying customers.

Grab your seat now before they’re gone!

See you on the inside!

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