My top three LinkedIn tips... Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I received an interesting LinkedIn connection request today. 

Hi Ted, Love your sales and marketing tips. 

My mentor told me I had to get your book to read. 

What are the top 3 nuggets I should obtain from reading your book "LinkedIn for Business"? 

Is there anything I can do to better support you Ted? 

This invitation made me think. 

What are the top three LinkedIn tips you would learn by reading Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition? 

LinkedIn has changed a lot over the years. 

My approach to LinkedIn has changed too. 

In the past, I was focused on adding connections. 

When I wrote Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business First Edition, I had 642 connections. 

When Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Second Edition was released, I had about 5000 LinkedIn connections. 

I was bound and determined to reach the 30,000 connection limit when Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition came out. 

It turns out quantity over quality didn't help my business. 

So I changed my approach to LinkedIn. 

Here are my top three LinkedIn tips: 

1. Treat your LinkedIn connections with respect. They are human beings trying to make a living just like you.  

2. Focus on starting real conversations with two people every day. Sales and referrals come from conversations and relationships, not sales pitches.  

3. Read your LinkedIn profile out loud to a friend. Do they look interested or bored? Make your profile more interesting by telling a story. Make it conversational not robotic.  

People tell me they don't have time to start two conversations a day on LinkedIn but their business is struggling. 

They prefer to use automation to blast sales pitches AT their LinkedIn connections. 

Automation doesn't work and they are frustrated so they invest in another LinkedIn program by another LinkedIn "guru" that doesn't work.  

Despite this, they still don't have 10 minutes a day to engage in real conversations on LinkedIn. 

They blame LinkedIn and continue to struggle. 

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