My mental spam filter is maxed out, blog article by Ted Prodromou.

I had no idea I had a mental spam filter. 

According to Scientific American, we all have a mental inbox and spam filter. 

Our mental “in-box” of working memory—the brain regions and processes that create temporary storage—is much more constrained. In fact, several decades of research have indicated that our capacity to hold information “in mind” for immediate use is limited to a mere three or four items.

  • Do you skim content until a word or image grabs your attention? 
  • Do you have trouble finding an email in your inbox or documents in your Google Drive? 
  • How many browser tabs do you have open (I have 36 right now)? 
  • How many books are you reading right now (four for me)? 
  • Do you Like your friend's social media posts without reading the entire post? 

Our to-do list is a million miles long and we're overwhelmed with messages, content, and ads. 

Our brain is full. 

Our online behavior changed during the pandemic. 

The digital landscape has shifted, and you need to stop doing what you did in 2019 and adapt your marketing strategies NOW. 

  • People are tired of Liking and Commenting - it's so 2000s 
  • Attention spans are limited 
  • We skim instead of reading because our brain is overwhelmed with endless mediocre content 
  • Most of our content is consumed on mobile devices 
  • Online ads are not as effective as they used to be 

In yesterday's masterclass, Why You Don't Need More Leads on LinkedIn, I showed you how to adapt your 2023 marketing strategy, so people stop skimming and start reading your content. 

I showed you how to see what problems your prospects are trying to solve today. 

You learned how to spy on your competitors to see what content they're creating and what ads they're running (most of your competitors are trying to solve 2019 problems not today's problems). 

We also updated your LinkedIn profiles to reflect who you help and what problems you'll be solving in 2023. 

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By the way: Your mental spam filter is located in your lizard brain so next month we'll be creating content that your lizard brain will let through the spam filter. 

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