You know I have a unique approach to LinkedIn.

I apply direct marketing principles that have worked for over 100 years. 

Why wouldn't you use proven principles to market your business?

For some reason, very few people use my approach to LinkedIn. 

Most marketers prefer the spray and pray method which is annoying the hell out of LinkedIn members.

These principles are not based on gimmicks or technology.

These principles are based on human nature. 

Technology will change.

Gimmicks will work for a few weeks but fade quickly.

Human nature is hardwired into our DNA. 

Lorrie Morgan is our guest expert in the latest Freedom Accelerator Academy mastermind meeting. 

Lorrie was recently named one of the top 100 copywriters of all time. 

I met Lorrie in 2004 at a Dan Kennedy conference and I've enjoyed watching her grow into one of the best copywriters. 

In our meeting Lorrie admits she's a LinkedIn novice but together we apply her copywriting best practices to LinkedIn profiles. 

Watch the replay below.

Also check out her new Red Hot Bullets class.


About the author 

Ted Prodromou

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I'm the #1 best-selling author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. People call me America's Leading LinkedIn Coach.

I'm the founder of Search Marketing Simplified, LLC, a full service online marketing agency. The SMS team designs and implements advanced LinkedIn and social media lead-generation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. SMS will set up and manage your marketing funnels using organic, social and paid traffic.

Did you know I've been working with the internet since 1991, long before Al Gore invented it?

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