Sounds amazing, doesn't it? 

I have some bad news for you. 

You're going to have to work a little longer than 15 seconds to have success on LinkedIn, even if you automate the hell out of it. 

Why do most LinkedIn "experts" say 15 minutes a day is the magic number for LinkedIn success? 

Are we that lazy that we won't spend more than 15 minutes a day on business development? 

I remember seeing an ad for an exercise routine that guaranteed results in two minutes a day. 

Lose weight and get in shape in just two minutes a day using their amazing workout gadget that looked like a torture device (I didn't fall for their pitch). 

Beachbody used to have a Tony Horton program called 10 Minute Workout. 

I fell for their brilliant marketing and invested $39 in the DVD set. 

I barely broke a sweat and burned about 10 calories a day with his low-intensity workouts. 

Why are we obsessed with timing everything in our lives? 

Every morning I do the Daily Calm meditation which is 10 minutes (some days I need a double or triple dose). 

I do 30-minute Peloton rides. 

When I write my books, I use the Pomodoro Technique which is setting a timer for 25 minutes and writing non-stop, take a 5-minute break then 25 more uninterrupted minutes. 

I'm writing this email/blog post using which counts the words and tells me how long it took me to complete my daily assignment. 

How did we survive before we had apps to time everything in our lives? 

I talk to a lot of people every week. 

I ask them what their biggest business challenge is and at least 90% say they need more clients. 

I ask how much they spend time they spend on marketing every month. 

Most say less than one hour a month. 

I ask how much they spend on marketing. 

Most entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants do not spend ANY money on marketing. 

I ask how much time they spend on LinkedIn and most say they only spend a few minutes a day but not every day. 

"I don't have time" is the biggest excuse (I bet you find time to do Wordle every day). 

They spend less than 60 minutes a month on LinkedIn, they don't spend money on marketing, they need more clients, and they wonder why their business is failing. 

I'm pretty good at what I do but I can't help these people. 

How many successful businesses do you know that don't do any form of marketing? 

Your business is not a hobby. Treat your business like a real business. 

You need to put in the time AND you need money. 

To be successful you need to invest at least 20% of your profits into marketing. 

If you're starting a new business, you need seed money. 

If you think you are going to build a successful business from your spare bedroom with no seed money, your chances of success are slim to none (trust me I tried this for years before I woke up to reality). 

  1. You need a solid offer. 

  2. You need a system that will generate leads consistently. 

  3. You need to generate traffic whether it's through SEO on your website, social media marketing and/or paid advertising. 

SEO and social media marketing generate leads over time (the long game). 

Paid advertising generates leads immediately (the short game). 

You need to implement both strategies to build your brand and to generate revenue quickly and consistently. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you need to invest time AND money to create a successful business. 

About the author 

Ted Prodromou

Would you like me to help you?

I'm the #1 best-selling author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. People call me America's Leading LinkedIn Coach.

I'm the founder of Search Marketing Simplified, LLC, a full service online marketing agency. The SMS team designs and implements advanced LinkedIn and social media lead-generation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. SMS will set up and manage your marketing funnels using organic, social and paid traffic.

Did you know I've been working with the internet since 1991, long before Al Gore invented it?

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