I recently interviewed two consultants for my podcast and I was pleased to see both of them have A+ LinkedIn profiles.

I'm not sure where they learned how to optimize their profiles, but they follow my methodology to a tee.

Check out the profiles of Erik Luhrs and Karen Yankovich.



Here's my review of their LinkedIn profiles in the video below.



Hey everybody it's Ted Prodromou. I just interviewed a couple of people from my podcast and I was looking at their LinkedIn profiles. It was great to see that both of these people are using the same strategy that I teach. I know they picked up a few tips from me. It was just really great to see this because most profiles are so boring and they don't stand out. Here's two people, I'm going to show you, Eric Lewers. He's the Bruce Lee of sales and lead generation. I'll show you the second one in a minute here but you see his headline? It's different. He's the Bruce Lee of sales and lead generation, creator of subconscious lead generation. Persona positioning, guru selling. He's created different systems and packages for users for different industries in different markets. He's got them all there in and he gets tons of profile views he says. Lots of people reach out to him and connect because of his headline. He's just getting their attention with that, they want to learn more about it. As they look at his profile here, he's got a nice background image. Could be a little better because it's cut off, this could be repositioned but he's got some good content here.

Logical progression of contents so he's teaching a lot of his beliefs. Let's go a little further down. He's got content in here, he's got lots of content, uses good images. He's getting some views on them, not tremendous amount but he does get a lot of shares on his content. There's five, here's eight, comments and a lot of his content goes viral he said. Let's get back to his profile. Here in his background, his summary, I bet you didn't come here to read a laundry list of why I'm great and wonderful even though I am. I guess I resonate with his sneeze of humor because we're both kind of that way. We're both sarcastic and interesting enough we actually grew up … He went to school very close to where I grew up in Pennsylvania so maybe that's part of it. I don't know. I like what … It's not boring, it actually grabs your attention. You came here to solve a problem right? He just lays it right out there, what problem is it? Need prospects so you can read this at your leisure. Got to Eric Lewers and connect with him. Look at his profile, it's really great. He tells a great story here, if you're not connected then connect with me. What are you waiting for?

It's great and he has all these different jobs that he created. He's using the keywords in here, donation, acquisition, advisor, corporate partnership. Dude who creates rapid ROA for clients when they hand off their marketing. Just different, business growth reactivators so he's using keyword phrases in the job titles beautifully. He's got nice summaries, he's got content in there, create and lead generation stories. He creates leads, he's a lead generation strategist. Same thing lead generation consultant so a similar job but different. Bruce Lee of sales and lead generation, he's done this beautifully. He's got lots of jobs and he's changed his job titles with his keywords which is exactly what I teach. He's got tons and tons of jobs in here too. Don't be afraid to create multiple jobs under the same company with your keyword phrases. Here's publications, we got that, he's got certifications and his interests. He's a very, very well done … This is an A+ LinkedIn profile if I must say so myself. This is what I teach you people to do. Let's go to the next person.

Here's the second one, Karen Jankovic. I had a great conversation, we too share a lot of the same beliefs in our marketing. She's got a nice grab your attention with this profile. It's very bold. [While we were 00:04:42] interviewing on the podcast, she talked about you have to have confidence. When you're building your LinkedIn profile, you have to be confident in what you're saying to people and expressing. She's very confident and you can just … I can feel confidence reading through this. Who she helps, helping entrepreneurs profit with social selling. LinkedIn expert and speaker, successful social media strategist. That's key because we talked about this in the podcast that there's tons and tons of LinkedIn experts out there and social media experts. How many actually make a living at it? How many are actually good and know what they're doing? Very few, they don't have the confidence and they don't have the success, the track record.

Just scroll through Karen's, she's got great content in here. You've got to be active. If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to be creating content. You can't say I don't have time, you have to make the time. It only takes … You could create good content in less than an hour. If you spend an hour a week creating content, let's just say that, out of your work week you're going to have a profile like this with lots of content. It doesn't have to be long. People want short content that's easy to digest and you grab their attention with these headlines, the article titles and the compelling image. She's using a lot of the same, I prefer to vary them because here they can all blur together. What's [inaudible 00:06:16] all these very … I would say she posts once a week. She's doing one article a week, posting it on here and yes she's getting a fair number of views. Got some thumbs up but see how consistent she is? This is what I prefer, to have different images so it stands out. Each one stands out.

Look at this, she's been very busy. If you create one article a week, you can post it here. You can post it on your blog, you can post it in different places to get people's attention. Let's get back to her profile. There we go. Her summary, yes I'm the LinkedIn evangelist [inaudible 00:07:06]. She comes right out and says it. LinkedIn is the resource so she's got another great story here she's telling. It's not boring, it's not about her accomplishments, how wonderful she is and give me money basically. She tells a little about her experience, here's her programs. She lays it right out there, very clear. See the spacing too, don't write really long paragraphs. People scan the text, I believe in minimal effort to get maximum results. That's going to grab someone's attention and they're going to read more. Here's where you seed your keywords so LinkedIn search engine finds your keywords. Here she's got more content in here, this is content you can embed right into your profile.

Here she is. She's a podcast host, LinkedIn evangelist, LinkedIn expert in speaker, program creator. See different jobs, same company, keywords, keywords. You go right to the top and you also show up in Google search results with those keywords. You don't have to write about your past jobs, your older jobs, stick to your current jobs and make multiple jobs within your current company. She's got a complete profile, here's her projects. She's got publications, she got her interests, advice for contenting, here we go. She's saying who are your corporation, small business owners, that's her target audience. I'm a complete solution linked into social media strategist. These are two excellent profiles and they work well. Both of these people get a lot of business from LinkedIn because people are searching for them and finding them. This is why your professional headline shows up here. I get a lot of traffic from these sections here. Right here is LinkedIn social media training and coaching.

Use your keywords in these jobs titles and then over here people also viewed. This is where you grab people's attention. Most of my profile views come from this section right here. This is where you want to grab their attention with that great professional headline. That's it, two really, really well done LinkedIn profiles that follow my advice. They didn't learn it all from me but they're doing exactly what I teach and they're getting results. If you want results on LinkedIn, this is the methodology to follow.

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