LinkedIn released a new app called Groups. As the name implies, this app is dedicated to LinkedIn groups. In this video I'll give you a quick tour of the app.

Let me know if you are using the app and what you think of it in the Comments below.



Hey everybody, it's Ted Prodromou. I just wanted to show you this new app from LinkedIn for groups and you know if you've been familiar with the apps from LinkedIn, they have a series of apps for specific functions because if they had one app that does everything it would be really hard to use, it would be bloated and really slow probably. There's an app for recruiting, there's an app for finding a job, there's an app for groups now, there's an app called “Connected” and I'll do videos on all of these different apps for you. I'll just take you through the groups now but I really like the fact that they do break it out because it's very specific functions now. Let's go through the new “groups” app and it's kind of renewed by interest in groups. For quite awhile I was ignoring groups. I know they're very powerful and I know if you post things in there and interact with people you get a lot of response but I've just been, to be honest, way too busy to sit there everyday and play in the groups. This has really renewed by interest in groups. Let me just take you through it.

At the bottom here it says, “Good morning Ted, today's highlights,” so it gives you some summaries of what's going on in each group. Here's the digital marketing group I belong to, social media today. Here's an interesting article, John Davey posted, “Is it true LinkedIn is limiting long form post notifications?” Update visibility. So basically I think this response is an interesting read because when people are posting content you get notifications and all the sudden you have hundreds of notifications everyday if you have a large network and it's just too hard to sort through and you have to unsubscribe from each one, one at a time. This article's just talking about that.

I just scroll through here and see if there's anything I want to participate in. Here's one with a couple of likes and comments, that's usually what I do is I look to see first if the headline catches my attention and then I see how many people are liking and commenting on it. If there's a lot of activity I'm like, “Hey, people are interested in this,” so I'll jump into the conversation. Here's some of the groups I belong to. This is just a summary of a few of the groups. It goes on and on and on, typical LinkedIn never ending scroll, like on their homepage on the LinkedIn site, you can never get to the bottom of the page, it keeps scrolling up. Lots of content here, people still posting lots of content in the groups. Let me go over to the next tab now.

Here's all the groups I belong to. I can search for groups at the top and I can change my settings here. This basically talks about the app itself, if I wanted to submit feedback but now I scroll down and see here “Technology sales professionals,” 475 new conversations in the last day, that's an active group so I might want to jump into some of those conversations. “Digital marketing,” 266 new conversations. It tells you there's lots of activity going on. You can actually have it notify you on your phone when there's new conversations going on but that would be way too many updates on my phone so I just like to spend a few minutes in the morning looking through this or if I'm just hanging out, killing time at the grocery store waiting in line or something, you can scan through this. It's funny how when you get two seconds of free time we pull out our phones and we jump and look for something to do. This is a great way to see what's going on in the groups you're following.

Here's where you can control some notifications. They can notify you here, you can also have them update on your phone and alert you. I'm not into groups that much that I want alerts from them. Here's a conversation, this person writing on LinkedIn, they started the first post, has introduced herself and everybody that joins that group introduces themselves. It gets you noticed in the group so if you run a group it's a great way to get people interacting right from the minute they start. The first post, you can put it right at the top, is introduce yourself, let people get to know each other.

Here I find “Discover groups,” here's a “Getting started with groups” group and now with the new LinkedIn rules you have to ask to join, there's no open groups. What you have to do is ask and they'll approve you or if you're not interested you just click “Not interested.” On start-ups there's over 500,000 people in that one so that's one I might want to join because that would be my audience probably, people starting up companies and want to get a presence on LinkedIn. Here's a peer group, “Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales and Social Innovators Network,” pretty large, 395,000. Here's SEO groups. If I want to join I would just click, “Ask to join.” I don't really want to join that one because I'm not doing SEO anymore. “Marketing Communication,” here's 425,000 marketing professionals. A Ted unofficial group, professional women's … It's a nice user experience. It's different and with the new interface on LinkedIn, I'm still getting used to that too and what I'll do next is I'll create a video showing how the new group layout works on the desktop.

Download this app and what I've done is actually created a folder on my iPhone that has all the LinkedIn apps in them now because I've got I think four or five LinkedIn apps on my phone now. It's very specific tasks, if I was looking for a job I could open up the “Jobs” app, search for jobs and get alerted when job postings are posted.  I'll do videos for all those for you but I just want you to see what's new with this LinkedIn groups app. Download it and let me know what you think. Talk to you soon and see you on the next video.

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