Lessons from Lilah the black lab, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Today is a very sad day. 

Our 14-year-old lab, Lilah, had a stroke over the weekend and we had to put her down. 

At times I cry (most of the time). 

Until a happy memory comes to me (and there are plenty). 

Lilah was the kindest, gentlest dog.

She followed our grandson, Nathan everywhere. 

She was his protector. 

Lilah tolerated fingers in the eye and being climbed on. 

Lilah used to howl at the fire engines. 

She pranced and jumped when it was time for a walk. 

She loved to go for rides, but she was so nervous she never sat down in the car (panting and drooling on your shoulder). 

Lilah was afraid of hardwood floors, so living in a house with hardwood everywhere was a challenge. 

She would sprint from carpet to carpet after taking time to gather her courage. 

She had her quirks like all of us, but she was full of happiness.

This month in the Mastermind Book Club, we're reading The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success in Business by Shawn Achor. 

In the book, Achor says you can be happy and then successful, which is the opposite of conventional wisdom. 

We were taught you needed to be successful before you can be happy. 

Lilah led with unconditional happiness. 

I lead with a big smile and happiness (I'm the opposite of resting bitch face). 

I've been happy all of my life. 

Success followed my happiness. 

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See you in the club and don't forget to lead with happiness. 

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