When I worked at Cellular One in the early ‘90s, our CEO had a saying:

“It’s the little things that matter.” 

After a meeting, she would be the last one to leave the conference room. 

She would make sure the chairs were all pushed in. 

No chairs blocked the walkways. 

I helped her push the chairs in and asked why she cared about the chairs. 

“It’s the little things that matter.”

A simple task that took less than a minute, but it set an example for the company. 

She always did little things that seemed trivial but in the long run, they mattered.

At the time there were only two cell phone companies.

We provided great customer service. 

She said we were all in customer service not matter which department we were in.

If we didn’t provide great customer service, our customers would go to our competitor. 

We had about 60% of the market share.

We focused on the little things that matter.

What are some little things you can do in your business that will make a difference?

Do you send hand-written thank you notes to your new clients? 

It only takes a couple of minutes. 

Nobody expects you to write a hand-written thank you note.

Investing a couple of minutes will create a customer for life.

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