[tag-tec]StomperNet[/tag-tec] just launched [tag-tec]SMARTS[/tag-tec], it's new [tag-ice]Web 2.0 coaching program[/tag-ice] today for $1397 or 5 payments of $297. Is a 10 week coaching program worth $1397? The [tag-tec]StomperNet[/tag-tec] guys are known for providing high-quality information and they proved it again by launching their highly successful video series [tag-ice]Going Natural 2.0[/tag-ice]. They overdelivered on their buzz buildup and I'm sure they'll overdeliver in their coaching program. [tag-ice]StomperNet[/tag-ice] will give you everything they promised and more.

The bad news is that I've heard that many of the members of StomperNet were overwhelmed by too much information and too many technical details. The StomperNet faculty is fantastic but they often overwhelm everyone with too much tech talk. Most people glaze over when they hear too much tech talk and their brains turn off. StomperNet goes for $800 bucks a month and has made many people rich online. Unfortunately most people that signed up were overwhelmed and got nothing out of the program except a huge debt on their credit card.

I'm so happy that I didn't have to drop another $1400 on another coaching program. Luckily I found a great mentor a few years ago that teaches you how to build a successful online business without overwhelming you with tech talk. [tag-tec]Jack Humphrey[/tag-tec] is a master teacher and explains the most complicated subjects in a way that everyone understands. And the best part is that he teaches everything you'll learn in the [tag-ice]SMARTS[/tag-ice] system and more for only $29 a month!

Check Jack's coaching program out at http://netbizexpert.com/r/socialpowerlinking

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