I was talking with someone last week who wanted to run LinkedIn ads. 

He was referred by a friend, but he hired someone to run the ads before we spoke. 

"We’re going to throw $2000 at LinkedIn ads for two weeks” he said. 

My first thought was he might as well set that cash on fire right now. 

You don’t “throw" money at ads for a short period of time and expect your phone to ring off the hook. 

If you’re selling B2C products with Google or Facebook ads, you might see a quick ROI but not with high-ticket B2B offers.

I had a call with a LinkedIn ad rep a few days prior and he gave me some great tips. 

The LinkedIn rep told me you have to run LinkedIn ads for at least four weeks for the algorithm to optimize your ad placement. 

LinkedIn ads are a long-term marketing strategy. 

You should also run at least four variations of your ads during the initial testing period. 

When promoting video ads, your videos should be 30 to 120 seconds long. 

It also helps to combine different ad types. 

Video ads with Sponsored content ads. 

Sponsored Content ads with Sponsored InMail ads. 

Use carousel ads to tell a visual story. 

You should target 50,000 to 250,000 people in your ad targeting. 

Take advantage of remarketing ads to follow people who clicked on your ads. 

He gave me so many great tips to optimize LinkedIn ad campaigns. 

The bottom line is you need a sound strategy before you run paid ads on any platform. 

Measure everything you do and adjust as needed. 

Have a clear objective and a detailed sales funnel that takes your prospects by the hand and leads them to your goal. 

Paid advertising like any marketing strategy is a journey not a destination. 

Don’t burn your cash by “throwing” money at ads without a gameplay. 

If you have any questions about paid media campaigns, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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