Here's a webinar from Parker Winder where he's sharing how you can control your state to always be ON when selling.

In this webinar, Parker shows how To clear the internal resistance that keeps you from simply doubling your sales numbers and income.

This webinar is for people who know they are already fully capable of selling FAR more than they are currently without spending more hours to do it. He says there's a state you can get yourself into where you're highly intention and simultaneously not emotionally attached to your sales numbers and this is where your best set and your peak performance lies.

His  simple and powerful approach to aligning your identity with the results you say you want will leave you with the power to invent a place to come from inside your enrollment conversations that makes you very attractive to your prospects and makes people want to buy from you.

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Parker Winder is a highly committed transformational mentor for people who are in the know. He is an authority on what gets in the way of producing results in sales.

Parker Winder, author and sales expert, hit #1 on the Best Seller List in the ‘Management’ and “Entrepreneurship & Small Business” categories on December 14, 2015 with his new book “Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business that Work…Effortlessly.”

In his book, Winder entertains as he pulls back the curtain and reveals the magic of creating previously impossible results in life and business. Leaders, business owners, or anyone who simply wants to start playing a game that will change their life forever, will be introduced to a powerful distinction that lies at the heart of the transformational concepts and stories inside this handbook. The application of this distinction provides a new way to approach the most important relationships in life, both personally and professionally. Taking the journey through this book leaves readers with an unprecedented ability to resolve at its source the unworkability in life and business.

Winder finds that the truly successful leaders are those who have the mindset of an entrepreneur or a business owner. He shares, “The ones who are successful grab onto the entrepreneur way of thinking and way of operating their business. And they think like that. They invest like that. They plan like that. They’re in it for the long haul. They’re not trying to make a quick buck over the next couple of years and be out. They want to develop long-term relationships that will last. They want to have people come back and work with them year after year. The successful ones are highly committed.”

According to Winder, there’s a big distinction between knowing what to do and then doing what you already know. “I don’t teach people new information. They already have the information. They’ve had it for a long time. I work with them to be who they need to be, so that they can successfully implement the information. In other words, if they’re committed and they get into a relationship with me, we will create who they need to be to actually make all that great training work. And then they get to go and live that in action in the world. This is for highly committed individuals who have an extraordinary desire to make a difference in the lives of those they lead,” says Winder.

“Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business that Work…Effortlessly” is currently available in the store at

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