I've been learning about web 2.0 and playing around with it for about 2 years now. It is a really effective tool for building relationships, attracting clients, and driving traffic to your blogs and websites. My business is booming and i have a steady stream of leads coming in daily. The downside, it can be a full time job being "social". If I spend 40 hours a week building relationships online, when do I have time to do the work for my clients? When do I have time for myself? I'm working at least 6 days a week right now and spending at least 12 hours each day in front of my computer. Although I love playing with technology and new sites on the internet, this isn't the perfect lifestyle I wanted to create.

I found a great blog post today Chris Garrett's blog at http://www.chrisg.com/need-digg-power-account/ that discusses the obsession with trying to dominate the social media pages. It's very difficult and time consuming to get a post on the first page of Digg or del.icio.us. It's even harder to stay at the top over time. Chris reitterates the fact the you shouldn't worry about dominating the social media sites. Just focus on creating high quality content that helps your prospects and customers and the social media gurus will find you.

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