Next week, I'm speaking at the More Life More Profit virtual event

Today is Giving Tuesday and the event hosts, Tom Matzen and Dannella Burnett are making a special offer. 

All tickets are only $1 if purchased today, and all proceeds will be donated to Project RePurse. 

Project RePurse has been a grassroots effort for the last 6 years and has served over 1500 women with a RePurse. 

A RePurse is a donated, gently loved purse that has been filled with toiletries, snacks, notepads, pens, hygiene items, and a love note. 

100% of the money collected purchases toiletries and a meal for the 3 houses here in North Georgia that we support for Mother's Day and Christmas. 

These are two of the many holidays that a woman in transition may doubt her worth or feel less than by picture-perfect ads and ideals. 

We want her to know she is loved and worth it! 

The more we collect the more robust we can make the RePurses! 

In addition to contributing to a great cause, you'll receive 3 days of virtual training to help you get a jump on 2023. 

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or solopreneur that is sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow? 

Do you want to discover the latest secrets, tips, and tactics to truly earn twice as much with half the stress? 

Are you frustrated, stressed out, and overwhelmed by the number of tactics that seem to change every day and the lack of strategy? 

Do you ever wish there was an easier & faster way to grow your business and increase your impact? 

Are you tired of being the center of your business every day? 

Are you done dealing with declining profit as your sales grow? 

Does it sometimes feel like you are constantly putting out fires rather than growing your business, having more impact? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions...then this special event is Specifically For YOU! 

>>> Join me at the More Life More Profit virtual event for only $1 

Use promo code ProjectRepurse to receive your $1 ticket. 

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