Kevin Clayson, America's Chief Officer of Awesome, shares his movement, Flipping the Gratitude Switch which is changing lives around the world.

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Who the Heck is Kevin Clayson?

I gave myself the name Chief Officer of Awesome because I just liked the way it sounded. Well that has become my calling card as I’ve been traveling all over the country for the last five years powerfully assisting thousands of Americans to achieve personal and business success for years.

I specialize in a type of personal empowerment that revolves around the ability we all have to make small powerful compounding daily decisions that culminate in big fat beautiful results. I’m a huge proponent of the life altering power of Gratitude. Most most recent book FLIPping the Gratitude Switch is all about how through the simple, conscious, daily decision to apply and activate gratitude during the most frustrating times of the day, you have the ability to drastically increase your happiness, success, and most importantly, change the entire trajectory of your life. I’ve always felt that the only way someone can achieve true success is to achieve it first mentally and spiritually, and then it begins to manifest in the physical world. I’ve been speaking on stages and giving seminars on these topics, on a regular basis for the last 7 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to powerfully communicate with people in all 50 states during that time.

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to personally mentor many successful people, and I’ve  worked with everyone from struggling college students to multi-millionaire business owners. I love to help people learn how to “show up” in their lives in a way that has a profound impact on long-term sustainable results. I want people to realize that they are so incredibly special, and that they can leverage their unique set of gifts and talents and abilities to change the world. My passion is people, and I love to connect, and authentically communicate, with the millions of Americans that feel the sense that they have a greater purpose in life; people that know there is a way to live a more purpose-filled and exciting existence.

I helped found, and grow a multi-million dollar real estate company in Utah, and I continue to operate as its VP of Prosperity and Co-Founder. I continue to function as one of its primary seminar speakers, and I’ve developed and created the company’s coaching and mentoring curriculum, and have been affectionately named by my business partner as “The Big Idea Guy.” Our team at Strongbrook has now assisted thousands families to increase their net worth by millions and millions of dollars collectively. My partners and I own The Strongbrook Group and all of its subsidiaries which include the most cutting edge and powerful Direct Sales company on the planet, Strongbrook Direct. For more information on what we do, please visit and

I’m really really passionate about empowering people to once again get back to the foundational roots of this great nation, namely property ownership, liberty, self-reliance, and entrepreneurialism. I love to create successful business owners and have now assisted nearly 3000 in doing just that. As part of this passion, and as a result of those we’ve helped, I was asked to co-author a book with another Entrepreneur who many have heard. Timothy Ferriss, author of the New York Times Bestselling book 4 Hour Workweek, and I, alongside other entrepreneurs recently penned a book called Entrepreneur on Fire.

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