Photo by p_a_hThere are many ways that you can go about time management and finding your ultimate productivity zone. It can be particularly hard to figure out what will work best when you find a lack of cohesion, purpose, and balance in your life.

Get back on track and start managing your time using championship psychology, winning strategies, and techniques that lend to sustainable results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why not go one step further and look at why your time is spent how it is?
  • Think – I am conscious and careful with the words I use and recognize the impact they have on others and myself.
  • How you show up for the time you have determines your efficiency.

“It's not really about more time… or even time at all… but how you show up for that time and the energy you are giving to everything you commit your time to.”

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I just like this quote about productivity so here it is:

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